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The message from Mama Ayahuasca

Painting by Anton Kononov A few months ago my beloved Roald wrote about his most recent experience on ayahuasca – a shamanic visionary plant brew from the Amazon. He shared about his realizations and healing experiences in this intense three day retreat, where the container of love was big enough to hold both the brightest light […]

Get connected – plug it in!

This week I want to speak about a simple but profound practice that Ronja and I have found to be so deeply healing that we don’t want anyone to be without it. Something that has helped Ronja and me to move through pains and problems that sometimes felt too big or unsolvable. We have used […]

5 ways to stop her from complaining

Ok guys, this week’s blogpost is for you. You know that feeling when it seems like she finds something wrong in everything you do? That, although you feel as if you’re really doing your best, she just doesn’t stop complaining? In the comments below last week’s post by Ronja, one man said: “Maybe your next […]

What your man has in common with a rooster…

(This one is written specifically for all women. But men, brothers, dudes… feel free to read, comment and share as well!) Ladies, You hopefully wouldn’t call your man a dick, but he’s definitely very much like a cock. … The bird, that is. ;) If you instantly nod “yes, mm yes, I know what you […]

21 days of Happiness Brainwashing

!Warning! By reading and engaging in this material, you risk heigthened levels of Continue reading at your own risk Alright. No way back now. In previous posts I’ve been talking to you about being vulnerable and real, and caring for your inner child. This week’s post is about practice and taking action. You’ll learn about […]

The man, the myth, the Dutch-Moroccan DJ… :)‏

You know when you hear music that is so good that you almost can’t endure it? When the atmosphere, the vibe, the notes and the entire experience just ripples through your body in such a way that it takes you beyond the mind, beyond thought, and beyond everything… This was truly a ‘love at first dance’. Roald […]

Oceanic waves of pleasure…

Come with me on a little journey back to 2008… Imagine spring time. Imagine sunshine. Imagine Greenwich park full of happy people… I was studying in London, half way through my BA in contemporary dance, and this particular afternoon – just a regular Wednesday – something happened that would shift my way of seeing sex […]

Ego vs Inner Child

In my last post on Being Real, I wrote about the insecurities and fears that I’ve experienced from my teenage years onwards. That post resonated with a lot of people – and today I’ll share one of the most important insights I’ve ever had on this journey. It might just change the way you see […]

Being Real

As I am writing this, Ronja and I are just back from a beautiful and deep Orgasmitude Retreat in Holland. A powerful experience, both for our participants and for ourselves. And an opportunity for me personally to become more real. In who I am, and how I show myself. Most people don’t know this… but […]

Doing it in the dark…

I love doing it with the lights on. Sometimes I even get fancy and bring a few candles into the mix. But lately, especially at night, I’ve noticed that I just love doing it in the dark… “What is she talking about?” you ask… Well of course… I’m speaking about… showering. If you haven’t yet […]

Transform your breath – transform your life

… I started breathing. Deep, full breaths. Breathing. Working hard, doing my best. In and out, in and out. Work, work, work.   Within a few minutes, I felt the resistance growing in my body. An uncomfortable feeling mounting in my belly, a knot forming in my stomach. A feeling of anticipation…   What was going to happen? […]

Change your life with negative thoughts

Question: What is the opposite of a negative belief? Would you say it’s a positive belief? Yes? Nope! The opposite of a negative belief is a positive reality. Say what? It means that, instead of telling yourself that you are worthy, you simply realize that you are. Instead of telling yourself that you are good enough, you simply realize that you are. Let me […]

Become the best lover she’s ever had – Part I

Men – this is written especially for you. (Women – feel free to read it, comment, and of course share it with your boyfriend/male friends…) Imagine for a moment… You’re on your way over to this woman you’ve been dating for a couple of weeks… When you ring the bell she calls “come inside, it’s open…” […]

The Downside of Spontaneity in Relationships

The best way to ensure a happy, fulfilling, passionate relationship is to simply meet the perfect person – and from there on enjoy an easy, spontaneous ride to happy ever after. Right. Right? Eh… When we put it this way it might seem ridiculous, but the fact is that – whereas most people would agree that […]

A new years gift for you!

Dear amazing you, Welcome to 2013 and the premiere of the Tantric Living blog! We’ll be sharing lots of good stuff with you every Monday, so stay tuned and sign up for updates if you haven’t already. First of all, we want to thank you for co-creating a magical 2012! Whether you’ve joined us in a workshop, […]