How escorts attract men

Being an escort it becomes essential to attract your clients toward yourself. Certainly from maintaining a glamorous look to making sure that your clients get seduced by your curvaceous figure is all that you need to keep in good check.

Escorts go through a much comprehensive training process. They come well trained in how to entice a man in a lustful session. But when you are new in the industry and want to gather knowledge apart from your training here we are with a complete study of how could you attract your client to enjoy the time with you.

So let’s take a quick look;

Prefer red

Do you have a fascination for red? If not then start liking it as this vibrant color acts in the right way to seduce the men and attract them toward you. A recent study had revealed that red had a capacity of intensifying the seductive appeal of the women. It stimulates the lustful passion of men thus igniting his eroticism.

Play with eyes

Eyes are everything in a romantic session. Whether you agree with us or not but the truth is that you can seduce any men through the seductive look of your eyes. Certainly while being at college, you must have also given a seductive look to your boyfriend. How did he react at that specific moment? Exactly that is what eyes are all about.

Generally seen that in the first phase, men get attracted to the eyes of the women rather than their bodily attributes.

Makeup plays the ideal role in highlighting your eyes on your face. Take expert advice and wear the perfect dress and use the righteous makeup. That is all from your part. See how your clients get entice in your looks and get excited to experience the lustiest time with you.

Be mysterious

Are you thinking of opening your heart in front of your client? Well, you need to stop right now. Being escorts you need to be friendly and cooperative but that neither ways mean that you have to reveal every minute detail about you in front of your client.

Be a little mysterious and let your client guess who you are? This will not only make the session interesting but also increase your attractiveness. Be sure that very soon the same client will again visit his mysterious woman to know more about her.

Save a few stories to tell every time you meet your client. But hold some mysterious look with a smile to attract your client.

Be agreeable

Do you want your man to find you sexy and appealing?. Well here is the easiest way to do so. Just agree with what he said. Suppose the guy wants to have a continental dinner with you. And you are such of a kind who is not at all fond of continental dinner. When the guy asks you for the same, please don’t say ‘no’. Agree on his proposal. No need to eat fully. Just have small bites of the same and portray that you are thrilled with the idea of dining out.

Escorts business stands on enjoyment and fun. You need to render enjoyment to your client. Agreeing in his request is what he find to be cute and attractive. And that is hopefully what you were looking for.

Show moderate sensation

Do not show hyper-stressed characteristics to your client and neither a very cool attitude. Prefer to go moderate showing your excitement just like he prefers. Seen that men find those women attractive who have moderate sensual traits.

While concluding, take some leisure time out and socialize with your friends. This will increase will confidence level. Try this out and we hope that you gain the attentiveness of clients.